The professionalism of our staff will welcome you in a sophisticated and refined atmosphere where we will delight your palate with haute cuisine.



Some of our suggestions ...


  • Mastroianni's special selection of raw seafood €30
  • Special selection of Carpaccios €25
  • Tuna tartar and its variations €18


  • Bitter-sweet octopus €16
  • Crunchy croaker cube, soy cream and mayonnaise €18
  • Seared scallops in salt, pumpkin cream, wafer of cuttlefish ink & the colors of the Mastroianni's garden €18
  • Whimsical salad, edible flowers, sprouts and dried fruit (v) €10


First Courses

  • Spaghettoni Senatore Cappelli with sea urchins and crunchy crumb €18
  • Bigoli with shrimp bisque and broccoli €16
  • Carnaroli with cuttlefish ink,raw scallops and yellow cabbage €16
  • Crunchy Paccheri and the sea €18

Second Courses

  • Cbt Octopus,bean cream, sweet potato mousse and Taggiasca olives €18
  • Crispy black cod, Taragna polenta, sea cream and crusco pepper €16
  • Monkfish,escarole,old balsamic vinegar of Modena and parmesan €18
  • Catch of the day and Chef Fabio's creations €18



  • Dark chocolate cake with Guadalupe agricultural rum €8
  • Sicilian Citrus semifreddo and lukewarm red fruit€8
  • Pavlova & Namelaka by Mastroianni €8